Saturday, September 3, 2011

99-cent book sale

*** SEPTEMBER 2 – 5 ONLY ***
The first ever INDIE BOOK BLOWOUT – To celebrate this exciting event, I’ve reduced the price on my book to only 99¢!

To score dozens of FANTASTIC indie books for only 99¢, visit While you’re there, register to win a brand new Kindle & up to $100 in Gift Cards (entry form on the site).

*** Also- if you're looking for a good read, may I humbly suggest a book by my writing group partner Billie Hinton---"The Meaning of Isolated Objects" (dang, I love that title!)


Michael said...

Hi Dawn! Please let Billie know, if you're happening to be in contact with her, that I've heeded your recommendation and bought "The Meaning of Isolated Objects"...

billie said...

Dawn, thank you for recommending Isolated Objects! I so appreciate it! I tweeted St. Jude a few times over the weekend and hope more folks find it. Great cover, great book! :)

Michael, thank you too for buying - please let me know how you find the book when you read. If you enjoy it I hope you'll review it on Amazon!