Thursday, August 18, 2011

Aussie August: Leave a comment for a chance to win---PLUS -- introducing BUSH TUCKER MAN!!!!!!!!

Sorry for this short sidebar, but after I (Dawn) saw Nevyn’s comment after Michael (our guest blogger) wrote about Australian Bush Tucker (see previous post), I just had to add this footnote.

 Nevyn commented that Michael forgot to mention Bush Tucker Man. I could not imagine who or what was Bush Tucker Man, but he sounded like a cross between Crocodile Dundee and MacGyver. That was it. I had to drop everything and go to You Tube.

I love Bush Tucker Man. And his hat. And shorts.

Only an Aussie could pull that look off and look brilliant doing it.

But before we go bush tucking with more of Aussie August…… (Michael, can “bush tucker” be used as a verb? I’m not sure who massacres the language worse--- Aussies or Yanks ---but regardless, I’m sure our British cousins “across the pond” are rolling their eyes). ……here’s a recap of your CHANCE TO WIN--- plus Michael has “sweetened the pot” as we say….

Okay, you can't really click to look
inside. Sorry. My bad.

Leave a comment and I’ll place your name in a drawing to win a FREE paperback copy of “Souls Raised from the Dead” by my mentor and former creative writing professor, Doris Betts. Doris is an amazing teacher and (as we say around here) “as nice as the day is long” (which, come to think about it, is only a compliment in the summer). She’s a bleepin’ genius.

Michael, has, in turn, offered a generous prize as well--- an item featuring the Writers In Townsville society logo on it (which is a way cool logo, btw). I think Michael set a price limit on the item of $40 Australian dollars (which is around $45 US at the moment—though I’m sure the US dollar is rapidly continuing to plummet and this figure will change by the hour).

Here’s the link where you can peruse the items:,

So here’s what I do---I put everybody’s name in a hat and draw two out. How do you know I’m doing it honestly? Because I’m going to video it and post it. I will ship the book to you anywhere in the world.

And while there is no requirement to follow my blog or Michael’s in return (though he has a very cool blog and some great insights into the writing life) it would be really, really, cool if you’d do that. Well, if you aren’t already.

I can’t speak for Michael, but as for myself, I’m insecure, and need validation.

To recap: Michael is an award-winning Australian poet who lives in Queensland. He has had several books of poetry published (the links and information are on his blog). Following are some links to his blog and one of his publications:

Michael’s blog “An Elusive Symmetry”

Michael’s book of poetry- "Ultramundane Shadows"

I think you can read the book of poetry FREE by going to that link. It's some great poetry.

If you’ve missed the previous posts, scroll on down and take a quick look----it’s a good chance to get up to speed on your Oz culture. These posts have been wonderful. Check out Michael’s next post on Sunday (21) , which mentions the best TV show I’ve not been watching. And for commenter Jack Colton, yes, Michael does have a very good upcoming blog on snakes.

And without further delay, for all my fellow Americans who have never heard of him, I introduce BUSH TUCKER MAN!!! (who, for some reason, I think looks a lot like Sam Neill)

And more, so we can all hear that gorgeous accent! He tells us how to find fresh water.  And Bush Tucker Man---you are rockin' those shorts.


Jack Colton said...

Great! I know they have the most dangerous snakes anywhere down under- even more deadly than those bushmaster's down in Columbia!
Cool video also,I like how he gets water by raking back the sand.

Michael said...

Dawn: I continue to be blown away by the quality, the truly engaging style, of your writing! And I'm OK with being #3 on the pecking order of your fave Aussies from now on, after Hugh and Major Les, as I reckon Major Les deserves it for eating all those foul-tasting leaves and berries...

Jack: Yes, the twelve most venomous snakes in the world are all here, Down Under. Stay tuned for my snake post, my own personal close encounter with death, and a moustachioed cop...

Jack Colton said...

Michael,I will definitely stay tuned and Isn't Dawn just the greatest? and as far as favorite Aussie's go I know Steve Irwin was one of mine,but you are moving on up on my list too and you're not too bad a writer yourself.

Dawn said...

Ah Jack, you are much to kind. And Michael, I'd say you are #2 and bush tucker man is #3. What can I say, I have a thing for sensitive artists.

Unless we're stuck in the desert with no water then, well BTM gets boosted to #1.