Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kindle book update

I am totally freaked out in a good way.

For the first time, my six-week royalty mark hit three digits. $100. Not a whole heck of a lot (well, it is for ME). But considering my total in royalties from out of print books last YEAR were $40 (or somewhere within that ballpark)..and I've more than doubled that in six weeks. Wow.

Soooo --- if you are an author and you haven't put your out of print books up there---get cracking.

Leaving the Comfort Cafe has by far been the best-seller.
My short story collection is doing stronger this month than my Saint Jude--which is about a teen with bipolar disorder.

So thanks to everyone for their support...
Right now my upcoming books are:
---World of Words -- this is a how-to memoir writing geared to newbie writers and English as a Second Language students. ETOA-- July.
--Ten Thousand New Year's Eves --- about different couples searching for meaning while trying to get to New York City. Kind of romantic. Kind of literary. Kind of strange--and well, kind of fun. One chapter is told from the point of view of a dog.


billie said...

Congratulations, Dawn! This is a huge thing and I'm not surprised - it's just the beginning, I feel certain!

Dawn said...

Thanks Billie--- I'm going to try writing more in this genre because I think I've tapped into something...and this may sound bizarre, but I've had a series of very positive dreams about it...which I know doesn't necessarily MEAN anything, but...

***and FYI to folks who follow me, Billie's got some great books up on Kindle, so check her out too.