Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Announcement! Blog Tour De Troops Results

 Wow. I hate to keep using that word over and over again, but I'm recovering from the amazing support that was given to our troops by those who commented and the genius of the great writers at the Indie Book Collective who came up with this idea.

Originally, the plan was to give TWO books per each comment--one for the person who left a comment and another for a soldier. However, each author has agreed to give anywhere from 3 to 5 books per comment---resulting in 10,000 books total to be given to the troops.

In edition, enough money was generated through participating authors to give away one Kindle to a commenter and SEVEN Kindles to the troops. Winners will be announced next Tuesday night on the IBC blog radio and I'll post here too.

Thank you all so much for participating.

My next novel "Ten Thousand New Year's Eves" is schedule for release in August. I'll keep you posted.

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