Thursday, January 13, 2011

Top five things that surprised me about my new Kindle

Prologue: I've been majorly under the weather with bronchitis. What I hate is that the first thing you think is that 'well, I'll be able to get some things done --including posting to this blog--and then you feel like so much crap that you aren't able to even keep the dishwasher loaded /unloaded. But I do think that we have turned the corner.

It arrived!
I'm beyond excited to learn more and more about it. I can easily see this replacing all if not most of my books [well, except for the ones I read in the thtub.] 
That being said, there are five things that really surprised me about my new Kindle:

1. How pretty it is:
   That may sound strange talking about a piece of technology, but it is pretty. During the sleep cycle, the computer screen shows these really cool artsy pictures.The first one that came up on my screen was of novelist Virginia Woolf.

2. It knew my name
  Granted, maybe this shouldn't be too surprising in today's technology, but it was still neat to turn it on and have it say "Hi Dawn!"

3. That digital ink thing really can be read in bright light.
   I dont' know what that stuff is, but it is very, very cool.

4. How natural it is
   This has a very natural feel to it---I can't explain, but I actually FELT like I was turning pages in a book. I was sitting on the couch, "thumbing" through it, and I couldn't imagine a time when this was not the norm.

5. How the technology doesn't get in the way
   I could imagine getting completely lost in the story, just like you do with "regular" books,  not more so. 

My prediction is that even those who insist that they "like the feel of books" [and I include myself in that list] will be surprised how it keeps that "feel" of pages without having pages. I  know that sounds strange, but it's the truth.

And as an aside, I had to add this---enjoy

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