Friday, February 13, 2015

Over 40 and Single on Valentine's Day....No problem

I always feel I have to write some kind of post about my singleness on the day reserved for lovers. Or I feel the need to launch I to a tirade about men and what ( fill in your choice of insult here) they are. or maybe just make snarky comments about the greeting card industry, the floral industry , and how it is all a big conspiracy to get us to spend money.

But I won't. 

See, despite the fact that I haven't had a decent date since the Clinton administration, I still like valentines day. I am not sure when this took hold.  Decided instead of thinking of all the disastrous. Valentines days I had ( one boyfriend's "present " to me was a message on my answering machine of him imitating ALF and wishing me a happy Valentines day. I was not impressed.)

Instead Im thinking of those days when you bought the 36 pack of car to give to everyone in the class, and everyone got one---- even the kid who smelled funny and the guy who had boogers. that one day, we were reminded that we were Valentines before it got to be such a loaded word,  There was fun and, at the time I grew up, an innocence about it,

I like to think of Valentines day like that,  The point is to show as many people as possible that they are special. doesn't matter if they are friends or strangers.

so, this Valentines day, I will happily meet up with my writing group, spend some to eat a coffee shops working on my final book in a you g adult series... And I will return home to clean house for my parents upcoming visit. 

that is a good Valentines Day. why? Because I am loved, I have a home and a job.  I have a family and friends. I have a Messiah.  

love---- not the steamy, kind--- is around us everywhere, in simple things and unexpected places. I am going to look for it on Saturday. I will report what I find.

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