Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back and an Even MORE Dangerous Revelation

I had made an informal pledge that I was not going to come back to blog writing until I had finished some of my OTHER writing---namely, the writing this whole blog has been about.

I was still stumped at a certain part of this short story [and got a little OCD about my new website design---still in progress] . In the meantime, around June 10, I learned I would have to find another apartment, so I've been in the process of lease signing, boxes, yada, yada, yada.

But then I realized the reason I didn't want to conclude this story: one of the characters has several of the qualities I like least about myself. I didn't want to continue writing this story because it was essentially like sitting on the therapist's couch with the shrink saying "yeah, and this is why you suck" in front of the entire world because I'm putting it in a book.....maybe that's what really scares me about writing dangerously: the fact that many aspects of these characters represent things we do not like about ourselves, but the very act of writing them down forces us to deal with them.

Nuff said.

At any rate, I'm back...maybe a bit too exhausted to be dangerous, but still kicking :)

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