Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Publishing America case and interesting self-publishing article

Laura McFarland, one of my peeps, wrote this interesting article on self-publishing for the Rocky Mount Telegram. One of the things that the article emphasizes that I think is important is the situation with digital presses, and how the publishing game is rapidly changing. JA Konrath touches on this so well in his blog [I think I have a link to it on my blog, which you can find by utilizing the Google search feature at right].

Link to her article-

In addition, many do not realize the work that goes into marketing a book, though the internet has certainly made that easier. For the record, I was NOT self-published. During the 70s- 90s, it carried a certain stigma to it that I think is fading somewhat. Its not that there aren’t good self-published books out there, but just that the bad self-published books are SO bad. I remember when I was a reporter, we were told specifically NOT to do reviews of self-published books for this very reason. I even confess, we would occasionally get a self published book with such pathetic writing that we would laugh at it before tossing it into the trash [I know, that’s bad. I have ‘paid it forward’ by mentoring younger writers so that I can avoid the wrath of karma].

For an interesting article on the a Publish America ‘case,’ see Preditors and Editors at this link:

I have to be careful about what I say on this subject, because I think there is a lawsuit involved, and as I have very little money---nuff said. So I’m just going to forward this link and as a legal disclaimer encourage you to get both sides f the story.

That being said, Eragon was self-published. Mark Twain self-published [but I think that’s more like comparing apples and oranges because things were so different then], so the flip side of that coin is that when it works, it REALLY works. I would caution that money should ultimately flow toward the writer, and I am initially skeptical of any group that charges a reading fee.
I’m going to start a writing tip and writing exercise of the week. Hopefully, I’ll be able to compile all my blog information and tips into a book at the end of the year that will guide you through writing your novel in one year….

Writing tip of the week: WRITE!!!!! I can’t emphasize that enough. Write, even if it’s crap. Eventually, you will unearth something good—but you can’t do that unless you get started.

Writing exercise of the week: The character of your favorite TV show goes to his/ her 30 year high school reunion. Who is the first person he / she speaks to and why?

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